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Guacamole Anyone??

Today my Mom and I processed 50+ avocados for freezing.  My Mom has a tree that was planted in 1977 and it is an avocado machine. There are always plenty to give away and then some. Last year I had researched preserving these wonderful little things and I found out that we could indeed preserve them with very little effort (and a little lemon juice)

The culprits…avocados, lemon juice and the FoodSaver

Mom counted the bounty to make sure we were going to have enough lemon juice.

We got our assembly line going, it all went pretty smooth.

All of the skins and seed are removed, now we just need to add the lemon juice.

Everything is mixed up, bagged and ready to seal.

BEAUTIFUL…we will be able to make guacamole for the next year!!

All ready for the freezer and future enjoyment!

Here are the ratios:

1 avocado (skin & seed removed & mashed)

1 teaspoon lemon juice

Mix well, put in freezer safe bags and freeze.

Easy peasy!!

We had to make one little batch to snack on.  I used my favorite guacamole recipe from Alton Brown.


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